So I heard that it might rain this weekend, so I brought my rain coat.  But, I’ve been a little dissapointed with my first tropical storm.  It rained a little this afternoon, and they promised around 4 inches tonight.  It rained some on our walk back to the hotel from the offices we were meeting at.  But during dinner it stopped raining, and it hasn’t been raining since.  Maybe a sprinkle or two, but the sky is going to really have to fall if it’s going to get to 4 inches over night.

Maybe tropical storm Hannah will wake me up in the middle of the night with some strong wind gusts and lightning.  I’ll update you in the morning.

Update: My fears were realized: the storm never showed up for the party.  Only some rain, off and on.  Occassionally heavy, but never gobsmacking.  Maybe next time.


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