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PGF/Tikz and the USGS (random and unrelated, I know…)

Tikz stuff (LaTeX):

Well, one of the fun things I did over the break so far was to experiment with Tikz. There are a couple of things I can show you. One is my sketch of the Bender bouncer:

impace harmonic oscillator exhibits chaotic behaviour

impact harmonic oscillator exhibits chaotic behavior

The source file is here, the original sized image is here.  I heard about the Bender bouncer (named for Paul Bender) at a colloquium at WWU many years ago when I was an undergrad.  I’ve always been interested it since then.

Another is some nicely rendered strain curves of the LIGO detectors during S5:

LIGO S5 Strains, taken from John Zweizig's official page

LIGO S5 Strains, taken from John Zweizig's official page

Here is a link to the pdf.  The source file for this is here.

Tikz/PGF is much easier to use and more powerful than either picture (standard LaTeX drawing environment) or pstricks.  I have used these recently (pstricks here).  The learning curve is a little steeper, but the manual is also excellent, with many concrete examples.  Also, the only editor that is needed to make these excellent figures is a text editor, something I approve of.

USGS Stuff:

This USGS publication on Yellowstone is awesome.


I saw it in print when I visited there this summer, it was about $50.  I guessed at the time that I could find it online for free.  Sure enough you can, right here.


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