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14789_motimageI decided it was time for a change. I got a new phone, but not your usual iPhone, or anything fancy. Actually, I call it my luddite phone- it has almost no features, just a phone, txt, and one alarm.  I got a new motofone on ebay for $34 (including shipping). But, it does have unusually long battery life and a cool e-ink display.  If I get heavy into texting, I’ll switch back to my other wimo phone (even though I pretty much hate it).  I just popped in my sim card from the old phone, which had all my contacts in it, and away I went.  Corey called me from across the room to check if it worked.  Nick txt’d me a really long txt message to make fun of the fact that I can only see eight characters at a time.  My parents called just to check on me.  I was pretty popular last night!


2 thoughts on “new phone

  1. Maria says:

    Thats awesome! It’s like me and my archaic phone. I was just talking to some of the techs at the hospital about how I refuse to get an expensive or fancy phone. I used to have one and I dropped it in the dog water, so I went and found my old phone and popped in my sim card. This old Nokia works great for me, I don’t text and only talk on it to a few people. I love that I can drop it down the stairs and when I pick it up at the bottom it is still on. I swear it has to be my first cell phone, original battery and everything. I’ll never forget when I pulled it out here at school and everyone laughed at me. “OMG, that things a brick” they said.

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