for the family

wind chill

I met wind chill today for the first time. I was walking up toward the Carrier Dome when a gust picked up; it took my breath away. It stopped our conversation. To quote Josh “my eyes are watering uncontrollably.” This was some of the coldest air I have ever felt. But then it stopped, the gust was only 5 or 10 seconds long. I was feeling the effects for a few moments afterward. I’m not sure if it was the stairs or the wind, but I think I was breathing harder than usual, kind of felt a little shocked. The only part of me that was exposed was my face, but with the heat wicking power of that wind, it was enough.

Some facts: the ambient temperature outside is about -14 C (7 F) right now, and the windchill brought it down to approximately -25 C (-15 F) for a few seconds. brrr.

For added emphasis, here is a map:

If I could get a picture of wind chill, I would put that in too.


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