for the family

Oh man I’m busy!

I’ve definitely got the first-year physics grad student blues these days.  By blues I mean, oh man I’m so busy I can barely catch my breath.  It’s interesting and fun and just a whole lot of work.  After some quite significant personal life events stopped required all of my free time I noticed that I am actually really really busy with school work.  Just to give you a feel for it, I’ve got either three assignments (e&m I, stat mech, qm II) or two assignments (e&m I, stat mech) due every week.  That’s probably on the order of 10-15 hours per assignment!  Plus classes, and group meetings, and don’t forget eating and sleeping.  Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve done since I last wrote anything (like a month ago!)

  1. got pizza making equipment, peel and stones.  stones (really pavers) were too massive.  on the lookout for unglazed terracotta tiles.
  2. went to Boston to help a friend move.  Had a good time, but Boston did it again: I got behind on my homework for a few days!
  3. made a new friend and cooked a fabulous dinner with her!  We had orange salad, zucchini soup, lasagna eggplant rolls, and vanilla pots de creme.  everything was delicious!  Yes, we were either cooking, eating or relaxing for about 7 hours.
  4. went running and played racquetball.
  5. started getting into the thick of ‘The Office’ season 4, it seems to be jumping the shark. 😦
  6. Fellow LIGO-er Sam came to SU for a faculty interview.
  7. worked on about 10 assignments! holy smokes, that’s a lot.
  8. did some, but not enough LIGO research.
  9. Watched 300, the pink panther, hellboy 2, a scanner darkly.  Sadly, 300 was the one liked the most out of these.

I guess it doesn’t seem like that much, it sure felt like it was really packed in there.  I’m looking forward to taking a day or two off during spring break!


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