food, for the family

recent foods

some of the recent foods we have been enjoying:

Saturday: blue berry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes.  party foods: see the picture!

Party Food on Saturday 8/1/09

Make sure that you click through- all the dishes are noted with Flickr’s fancy noting system.

Sunday: grilled cheese sandwiches.  Noteworthy because one of them was on baguette, so extra delicious.  But then again, there was no fresh thyme, so it sort of cancels.  Also we had “the best tomato soup ever”, which is the same recipe as the tomato soup of ’09.

Monday: breakfast: greek yogurt with peanut butter, honey and graham crackers.  dinner: see this picture:

dinner Monday 8/3/09

Tuesday: dinner: home made pizza! I can state that the home pizza system is now up and running. we made four, but only at 2 pizzas:

-broccoli and yellow peppers (a favorite)
– portabella, shitake, and onion
– cheese and leftovers other toppings
– tomato, shallot and blue cheese

the winner of the two we ate last night was portabella, shitake and onion.  We also ate the broccoli and yellow pepper, which was also delicious. Sorry, no pictures.


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