for the family

that’s a lot of driving!

We drove down to Long Island this weekend to be with Ali’s family for Thanksgiving.

Syracuse, NY to Long Island: 5 hours (I drive slow, okay!?  I want to enjoy it)

Some driving around, on Wednesday and Thursday, I wasn’t the driver for that stuff.  Then on Saturday, I had to take Ali to the airport so she could jet off to LHCb week in Geneva.  You go you jet setter you!  Anyway, I got to drive down to Newark airport and back on the Belt Parkway (ugh), it’s a terrible road.  But I did get to cross the Varrazano Narrows Bridge!  It is both the largest bridge in North America, and offers a stunning view of Manhattan.

Long Island to Newark Airport, and back, 4 hours (traffic, traffic, traffic).  Did I mention that the iPhone’s map app, with traffic layer is just awesome!  Now I can know how long I’ll be stuck in the miserable traffic jam.

The next day, I drove back up to Syracuse, along the more scenic NY-17 route.  This goes through the Catskill Mountains, which reminded me a lot of the foothills of the Cascade mountains.  “Home” in other words.  I also saw something I would have thought fit the description of a hollow, but it turns out it was more of a glen, either way there was lots of interesting things to see along the side of the road.  I even saw one fly-fisherman.  Hopefully I’ll get to do that again sometime soon.

Long Island to Syracuse: 5 hours.

Other interesting things: Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Throggs Neck Bridge, George Washington Bridge, East River (actually a straight), Merrick Road.

I wish google maps did a better job of identifying things that aren’t roads (like bodies of water, ie the East river).  Oh well.


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