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kindle 2

First of all: I didn’t buy a kindle 2.

The SU library recently started offering kindles for checkout. They come with a selection of books already loaded, some text books and some pleasure reading books. Here are my and Ali’s thoughts on the experience:

The reports that eInk contrast is as good as newsprint are generous.  I didn’t find it to be that good.  I’d rather actually read a newspaper than one on the kindle.

I really didn’t like that it costs 99¢ to read a blog for a month on the kindle.  This says to me: “get a laptop”.

The whole blinking process on page flip was rather jarring, I didn’t like it.

The placement and style of the buttons aren’t good, and the 5-way switch (like the little red mouse-button on some laptops) should be used differently or even removed all together.

It feels really goddamned slow.

Personally I’m rather disappointed, this is a technology I have been waiting for since the late nineties.  I really wanted to like the device.  But I didn’t.  I’ll keep an eye on it, just not as closely.


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