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Interior-Exterior Spaces

I’ve found that one of my favorite architectural features are interior spaces that feature parts of buildings that used to be exterior.  An example at Syracuse University is the Eggers/Maxwell space.

From ie-spaces:proper

I call this a proper ineterior-exterior space (ie-space, for short).  There may be a correct name, but I haven’t found it yet.  There are other types: improper ie-spaces, and exhibition ie-spaces.  There maybe other classifications, this is a hobby work in progress for me.  Here are some definitions, and links to some photo galleries that I am working on, as well as a document that I’ve started writing.  Who knows what this will turn into!

Proper Interior-Exterior Space: a building expansion that includes the old exterior space as a style element, without damage.  Some example photos are here.

Improper Interior-Exterior Space: a building expansion in which the old exterior features are damaged in the expansion process.  Some examples photos are here.

Exhibition Interior-Exterior Space: a building or part of a building that have been reconstructed inside another building.  Some examples are here.

Interior-Exterior Spaces document.

If you know of any good examples, please send them my way!


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