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living vs visiting, and our apartment

The day before I left for Geneva, two weeks ago today, I had barely thought of what I would do while I was there.  Clearly this wasn’t a vacation.  This would be the first time I’d seen Alessandra (live, in person!) in over a month.  That pretty much sums up my expectations.

Luckily for us it’s easy to make such a visit into much more than that.  Ali had moved into our new apartment just the weekend before I arrived, and so there was lots of setting up to do.  The trip, quite happily, turned out to be more like living there than just going for a visit, and that is one of the things that made it so special.

Looks like we just moved in, huh?

We did a number of fun things (hiking, seeing the old city in Geneva, going to market), which I’ll talk more about later.  But we also did a bunch of important moving/couple things like buying clothes hangers and getting the internet set up.  We lounged around while watching the paralympics, in French.  It was great!  I went to work at CERN and got my ID badge and office keys and worked in my new office.  We rode the bus a lot.

Even though it was just an eleven day visit, I participated in enough chores and actually accomplished things in French (“un baguette, s’il vous plait”, I didn’t speak any French last week!), that I felt more like I was living there than just visiting.  And I definitely wasn’t vacationing!

A couple of more photos from the neighborhood:

The Jura from our front yard.

The Main Drag, Rue de Gex, in Maconnex, France.

I miss turning on the tv to a whole different language, heck, I don’t even turn on the tv here.  There must have been terror in my eyes when I went to ask the bus driver “deux pour Cornovan, s’il vous plait”, and I kind of miss that too.  It was adventure in everyday life.  I’m very excited to be going back in about two months!


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