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As you can probably guess, I’m writing the easier blog posts first.  This is mainly because I’m sooo busy these days that I don’t have much time to think about the ones that I want to put a little more effort into.  I’ll make some time…

So, what have I got coming up?  Well, right now I’m down on Long Island because I have an appointment at the French Consulate to apply for my long stay visa!  That’s Monday morning.  I was just watching the news and I hear that it’s going to rain cats and dogs on Monday, a storm coming all the way up from Missouri!  There might be flooding!  I just hope that the LIRR train can get me into Manhattan, and that the subway tunnels don’t flood.  Hey, I’m just a small town kid going to the big city, I don’t know what happens around here!  Anyway, if I get to the consulate door on time, I don’t care what else happens after that.  If I don’t get back to Syracuse until Wednesday, that’s fine.

Speaking of Wednesday, I have a doctor appointment Wednesday afternoon in Geneva, NY.  Not Geneva, Switzerland, a city I was recently in.  Then on Thursday I have another doctor appointment up in Baldwinsville, NY.  Don’t worry, there isn’t anything wrong with me.  I had some inflammation around my eye and so I  have a follow up after its gone away.

During all of this, I have a lot of homework to do, and lab work to do, etc.  Waa waa, grad student waaa, etc.

So when I get back to ‘Cuse on Monday night, I’ve got to start really packing the apartment and selling extra furniture that we’re not gonna store.  And I’ve got to mail off my Swiss visa application.

Next weekend I’m going to my cousins for Easter.  The following weekend probably coming back to NYC to collect my French visa (they make you come in person or someone you know can bring your passport).  Just a quick trip.  Can’t really afford any more time that what is necessary.  Plus I’d rather do fun things with Ali next time we can both go.

One of the two weekends after that I’m leading a hiking trip for the physics grad students.  That should be a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to it!  Something else to write about!

Then, then!  Ali is back and we’re really packing and storing and getting ready for me to move over there.  The semester is about over at the very beginning of May.  My sister and her husband are coming the second weekend of May to get my car and drive it all the way back across the country.

It’s no wonder that my usual very good balance between work and living is a totally thrown out the window this semester.  Worse than ever before.  Oh well.

I think that’s far enough into the future for now.  I’m about out of breath anyway…


2 thoughts on “what’s next

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  2. Joe Garofoli says:

    Wow! Are my genes finally coming threw in you. Your pace sounds like you sister’s and my normal everyday life. Welcome to life at the fullest and then some.

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