My old blog is here:


I moved here because WordPress supports math with latex style formatting while blogger does not.

My target audience is family and friends back home.  You see, I am now a Graduate Student at Syracuse University in New York State.  My family is all back in Washington and Oregon.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey J,

    It’s me, big G. I was looking at a site about sunspot activity and it made me think of you. How are you doing? I miss having you around. I wonder what you’re doing with your life and how it’s going and all that stuff and just waaaaaayyy too many thing to put in an e-mail, etc. But anyway, ramblingly saying Hi I miss you! Do you have any plans to come home at some point in time? Okay, back to work!!!!

    Love and big hugs,

    Your ol’ Aunt Gloria

  2. Jane At Sea says:

    Hi there

    You may have already seen this, if so I am sorry for the repeat…..as you know research and awareness of MdDS are woeful. Most of the information out there on treatment is sadly outdated now and most of the medical world is ignorant to it. So hopefully with awareness of MdDS will come the research. We are always looking for new and novel ways to raise awareness, and recently I was involved in a video, which shows how someone with the condition feels on a daily basis. The vocalist is my son’s girlfriend.

    Those of us old enough will notice that it is a cover version of the 1970’s disco hit “Rock the Boat” and it can be viewed at:

    Please consider viewing it , after all it’s only 4 minutes long and a bit of fun (with no intention to offend!) that hopefully gets the message across. Then I would ask you to forward it to everyone that you know. We need this video to go global and educate the world to MdDS in the process.

    Many thanks!!!

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